Essential Items to Consider When Designing Consumer Product Packaging

16 Mar

Product package is a fundamental business process. When done correctly, can build a product brand as well as marketing that product. But little known to many, consumer cosmetic product packaging design speaks a lot about a product and the producers. Therefore, designing a consumer product packaging design would require lots of creativity from the individual designer. The primary reason for packaging of products is to protect and secure the product from exposure and damage. Not everyone should know what you purchase but have a clue on what it is not a big deal. As a result, when designing a consumer product packaging, you need to factor in the following items.

When designing a packaging box, the first thing that should come into your mind should be on protective measures of the box. Ensure the design you are about to develop keeps your product safe from damages, corrosion or breakage. It should make it convenient for the consumer to easily ferry from the to the intended destination without fear of damaging or breaking it. Also, on protection, the packaging item should be able to protect the product dust and any damage while still stocked in store or shops.

Everyone loves packages that look lovely and attractive. In fact, the beautiful appearance of the product package design can cause impulse buying. A good consumer product packaging should, therefore, be visually attractive. Another issue to consider is the ability to open access and reseal easily. For products that are always packaged and sealed, the consumer always wants to see them and have them tested before they carry them home. Therefore, ensure the box is easy to open and reseal.

The design of consumer product packaging should also incorporate product information that is necessary for the consumer. Information such as bar codes they are used to price the products, serial numbers, precautionary measures manufacturing and expiry dates, an overview of the product usage among other information. When designing a packaging box, you must therefore carefully take into consideration space available for the information how you intend to fix on the packaging material. Look more here;

How easily recyclable is the material, I chose to use to make the packaging stuff. International standards require that the material used to package should be easy to recycle or biodegradable so are keep the environment clean and safe. This also depends also depends on local legislation that advocates for environmentally friendly materials such as paper boxes.

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